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  We purchased our first bully breed in 1987 (APBT). We also raised Boston Terriers from '93 - '03. The American Bulldog has been a far superior breed for us compared to the other types of Bulldogs we have owned. We are dedicated to the American Bulldog and have no future plans of breeding any other type. This website was put together to showcase our dogs and provide American Bulldog information.  You can find hundreds of random bulldog pictures in our photo gallery. Our albums feature past dogs, puppies and our current dogs at various ages. 

American Bulldogs are a registered rare breed. Here is a link with some info on the American Bulldog and its history. American Bulldog Info

  We own & breed American Bulldogs for the love of the breed and not for the dollar. No hype or puppymill here, just a good quality bulldog at a fair price. We work, breed & train American Bulldogs from our home in Blue Ridge Texas just north east of Dallas.  Owning several bulldogs some are just pets we do not breed all of them. They are excercised in large fenced off areas to run and play as you can see in most of our photos. Our main goal is to provide you with a good quality family pet 1st along with info and basic education on the breed for those that are new to the American Bulldog. The option for setting up a training program is available as well. We work with some of the best trainers available, from basic obedience to work or sport. Check out our Events page for upcoming K-9 training seminars, working demos & house concerts. Our house concerts feature some great regional Texas artists. From Texas Country, Southern Rock & Blues.

  Texas American Bulldogs is registered with the Animal Research Foundation as a certified American Bulldog breeder. We uphold the ARF's breeder code of ethics. Our puppies come with a 2 yr genetic replacement guarantee call for details. If  for any reason our puppy will not be the perfect fit for your family or situation we will always help you in any way we can by taking the dog back, help placing it in a new home  or the option of a different puppy from another litter.  We need to keep the American Bulldogs out of shelters, if you are in Texas and need assistance finding your American Bulldog a new home check our contact page for some helpful rescue links.

 Here at Texas American Bulldogs you will find the bully, performance and "Hybrid", a mix of the Bully type and Performance type. Our main focus is a Bully Hybrid, an athletic dog that still retains some of the bully features. Sure Grip's Kyle Symmes has produced one of the best known Hybrids, Mountain Gator Red a very popular weight pull champion dog from the past.  We prefer some muzzle on our dogs because of the heat here in Texas but still want to retain a bully but athletic appearance. Our short muzzled dogs are clean breathers and do well in the heat. We line breed but don't inbreed, some people inbreed but at this point we choose not too. We don't use any other type of dog for breeding there is a huge controversy on how some breeders make their dogs look like large english bulldogs by infusing other types of bulldog. Our goal is to produce a superior American Bulldog with a solid temperament that can be a great family pet or working dog for many years to come. Contact us to let us know the type of bulldog you are looking for and we can match up a pup to meet your needs, from a family pet to a working dog. If we don't have anything available you can be placed on a waiting list to ensure you get the type of pup you want. Some American Bulldogs have very high drive and need more time, training and socialization to become a house dog and companion, the high drive dogs make great working and guard dogs and fit an active lifestyle better. The lower drive dogs take less effort and easily become great companions and family pets while still protecting the home but may not make a good working dog. We can assist you with picking a litter to get a pup from that will fit your needs.

Working bulldog - Will have the drive, determination and athletic ability to perform any working task put in front of it. This could be protection work, weight pull, schutzhund, hunting, herding, security, etc. Of course the dog will need proper training to perform these tasks but the dog needs to have the qualities and capabilities first. Not all dogs posses these traits. We own some dogs that undoubtedly have these traits and some don't. We can provide you with a working dog and set up the proper training for work or sport. The vigor of some hybrid type AB's seem to be an ideal working dog and will still make a great companion.

   We offer a 2yr puppy replacement guarantee.There is a lot of hype about PennHip scores and OFA ratings, two dogs with the best hip scores or rating can still produce a dog with poor hips, its called genetics. Here is a good example: a guy had 2 Rottweilers one was OFA excellent and the other OFA good. 2 pups in the litter had immediate hip problems. Its in the hands of mother nature. Thats when your guarantee comes into play. If they are going to have a severe problem that will effect their quality of life, most cases it will show by 2 yrs of age. In our contract and guarantee we go over this in more detail, there are things you can do with a pup to prevent hip problems as there are things you can do to create hip problems. Educating yourself on caring for large breeds will benefit the long term health of your pup. We have older dogs between 9 and 13 years old that have not had any problems. 

 You won't see us over run with dogs we can't take care of. Keeping a clean and pest free living area is essential to their health and happiness. Someone is present 24 hrs a day at our facility and we have a barn for puppies and breeding, large fenced excercise areas and a seperate training and working area with a weight pull track & spring pole. We can host events as well. Our bulldogs are socialized with our family and Toy Fox Terriers rotating them in the backyard and house so they are part of the family. Puppies spend their time in our barn and inside our fenced back yard playing in their kids pool and laying around the patio.  We believe if you have a family pet and are not going to breed a dog spay or neuter them, our Toy Fox Terriers are spayed.


  Recently we have placed some older females in homes and with friends thats why you will see some new faces and we now have some young up & coming pups for the future. If you are looking for an older companion dog contact us we may have something available. We work with mainly the old school American Bulldog bloodlines. It has taken some time evaluating, buying and selling some dogs to get to this point. It is a continual work in progress. Feedback, positive or negative and pictures from our past litters help us with our decisions on future and repeat breedings. Our breedings are carefully planned with goals we are trying to achieve for the future. We use a pedigree as a tool to match up our dogs, it does help at times for some consistency in a litter. If it works out and we are happy with the litter it gives us the option to do a repeat breeding in the future. We don't mix and match bulldogs just to have pups. This will help make sure you get a QUALITY pup.

   Good customer service and a great dog for a fair price is our goal. We use discretion when breeding and also when selling puppies. Any questions or concerns after your puppy purchase? Don't hesitate to call or email we will assist you any way we can in making decisions concerning your bulldog.

 Professional training is a worth while investment and we recommend it, ignoring behavioral problems and abuse is never the answer if you are having problems let a professional help. We cannot stress how important it is to socialize your puppy with people and other animals. It is critical at this point in a dogs life to learn the importance of being a K-9 good citizen no matter what breed of dog. The dogs actions reflect on the owner and the owners are responsible for their dogs actions. Training and socializing IS how you achieve a mild tempered family pet, the dogs need to play an active role with the family with plenty of love, affection, training, and socialization. We like to encourage working your dog or finding activities for you and your dog to enjoy, this is were the American Bulldog will excel and produce a strong bond with their owner. With all this said you and your dog should be very happy together and most people will never own any other breed after their American Bulldog experience. If you can't provide all this for your dog you should consider another type of lower maintenance pet. There are a few books available on the American Bulldog and its a good idea to buy one to familiarize yourself with the breed. I have found that the local bookstores don't usually carry any of the books but they can order them or Amazon.com is a good alternative.

 We have t-shirts, decals, weight pull harnesses, weight pull sleds, Dog Lovers Gold dog food & a few breedings of frozen semen from our retired male Sully. His DNA profile is registered with the AKC & it is documented he weighed 156.4 lbs @ the time of collection. He is one of if not the largest Bulldog around. Contact us for more info. 903 744-3491

email us: texasabulldogs@aol.com

If you are interested in adopting from a rescue here in North Texas check out the http://www.arfhouse.com/ , they have all breeds and also need donations. 



Thanks for taking the time to look at and read about our dogs.

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